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Hello, world!

Thank you for visiting HNDZ Global's blog spot.

I am looking forward to loading it up with insightful content on what we are up to at HNDZ Global in our pursuits to achieve human dignity, prosperity, and a sustainable future for all through business and technology.

For now, please bear with me as I am prioritizing getting my act together following my recent departure from Chevron after my 12-year career with them. I will write more on why I left, the events leading up to it, and how I came about discovering my passion.

One of my top priorities at the moment include leading SHPE Houston and increasing its public brand recognition as a Latinos in STEM Ecosystem encompassing K-12 students, college students, professionals, and executives. I am also working on my MBA application which includes studying for the GRE. Additionally, I spend a lot of time performing market research, strategizing, and business development engagements for HNDZ Global. Lastly, it is the holiday season and plans are in place for spending quality time with family.

Happy Holidays! You'll be reading more from me soon.

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